Developer Office Hours Recap

February '23 Developer Office Hours Recap 

Our February office hours covered the UI redesign, library upgrades, ExternalResourceClient Transport, and a generous amount of interactive Q&A!

Rafael reminded us that February 15th will include an extra developer webinar session for more questions. Additionally, a March 3rd session will be dedicated to 12.3 as an open Q&A for developers to help their end users. 

Session Highlights

Rafael begins by sharing that SugarCRM uses Sugar and is customer zero for upgrades on any upcoming releases. SugarCRM's internal apps team caught an issue right after going live which we fixed before GA. In the same way, developers can utilize the release preview program to their benefit, to get a sense of what was coming. The internal apps team used the same customization guides, blog posts, and enablement resources that we provide for you to get ready for release.  

Rafael also dove into the impact of the Smarty library upgrade, health checks, and code impact.

We received questions about PHP 8.0 support issues, to which Rafa answered that he will create a PHP 8.2-ready Vagrant and Docker environments in the near future so developers can easily test code against those versions.

Rafael noted that in the next 3 weeks, Sugar 12.3 mass upgrades for low-risk customer instances, about 1,500 sandboxes, will be done in batches. We are starting with customers that should be easiest to upgrade and aren't impacted by 12.3 changes.

So far we have gone through 150 sandboxes for customers that were impacted by 12.3 changes, and the upgrades proceeded with no issues. If there are any issues like health checks that we could not upgrade, we will follow our regular upgrade notification process to work thru those issues.

Lastly, Rafael shared the upgrade notification messages that customer admins and primary contacts will receive. The notification will be sent 7 days before each upgrade and includes details about the new Sugar version and the date and time of the upgrade.

If a customer does not want to upgrade at their scheduled time, they can contact and request an extension.

The webinar concluded with a significant Q&A session with both broad and specific developer questions that we always welcome. 

Special Thanks

Much praise to Francesca, Andre Lopes, and Frederic for their continued contributions to our Sugar Dev Community and product improvements, we love you guys!

Session Recording  

This session was recorded on February 1st, see here for the recording and here for the slides. 

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