Demo Builder for Devs - Office Hours Recap!

This month we met to discuss how to use SugarCloud sandboxes provided through Demo Builder and the SugarLabs team.

Session Highlights

On-Boarding & Developer Policies

We began the session by discussing the process of on-boarding as a Sugar partner. There are multiple different partnership types - ISV, VARs, Distributors, etc. When you become a Sugar partner you are entitled to access SugarCloud-based sandboxes through the Demo Builder tool. SugarCRM has an open ecosystem - we invite software vendors to build or integrate new features with Sugar through our free ISV partner program.

Matt also reminded everyone that when developers use SugarCRM's software and services, they must comply with our Developer Policy.

Demo Builder 101

Oli and Sorin a great overview of Demo Builder and a live demonstration of many capabilities. They focused on the features that Sugar developers find the most useful. For example, the ability to backup, restore, and clone a Sugar instance. We also had some great questions from the community that led to some new feature requests for Sorin and Oli to work on!

It was a great demo - I encourage you to check out the recording below!

If you aren't using Demo Builder on a regular basis already, remember that partners can log in to Demo Builder using their SugarCRM Portal credentials.

Special Thanks to Oli and Sorin!

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the community and for all the hard work you do with Demo Builder!

Session Recording 

This session was recorded on November 1st. Here is the recording and slides.

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