12.2 (Q4 2022) Release Preview is available now!

Hi Sugar Devs,

The Release Preview for the 12.2 (Q4 2022) SugarCloud release is now available!

Sugar Release Previews are provided to select partners and customers to give you an opportunity to plan and prepare customizations and integrations for upcoming Sugar releases. You can download and install pre-release builds of Sugar that you can use for test and development purposes only.

The Preview includes our Release Preview Customization Guide which details all the cool features and new APIs we've included in the release. There are some PHP and JavaScript library upgrades, including Doctrine DBAL, Symfony, and Smarty as well as improvements to our new ExternalResourceClient that should be used when calling web services. And don't forget to check out the UX section! Some cool new Reporting features and improvements are coming too.

If you don't have access to preview and want to use it, please contact developers@sugarcrm.com to request access to the Sugar Release Preview program. Please note that the contents of the Release Preview are confidential, not for production use, and subject to our pre-release product agreement.

Happy Coding!

  • hi ,

    Do you have any date for migrating the current cloud sandboxes to 12.2 ?

    Thanks in advance for your answer.

    Best regards,


  • Thank you for sharing this!

    On the functional side, I like the direction the report viewer is taking. This makes it more intuitive & efficient to interact with report data. 

    I also like the fact that (from a functional consultant POV), significant effort is being put in cleaning / updating the code. This comes at the price of reworking most of our cURL-based integrations on a moderately short notice (on slow customers timeframes), but hopefully this will improve the overall stability, performance and robustness. I hope development industrialisation (devops) comes soon :)