SugarClub Improvements - Explore Group Updates

I'm VERY excited to share some big updates mentioned in Under Construction - SugarClub Improvements Coming Soon!!

There have been some smaller changes since initially publishing this post, doing some general "clean-up" around SugarClub. A recent example of this is changing how SugarClub members can report forum posts, comments, replies, and more to our administration team, thanks to a suggestion from , making it easier for you to keep SugarClub a positive experience for everyone.

As I mentioned before, Explore group has received a major update! 

Let's start with some background if you're not familiar with this group. The Explore group is your hub to get all types of useful information about Sugar products - you'll find everything you need at your fingertips. If you have questions about using Sugar, finding best practices about administering your platform, want to help your peers along their journey, want to stay up-to-date on new releases & updates, or share some suggestions for how to improve Sugar, visit the revamped Explore group.

Explore is now organized so that you can get the information you need even faster. Now, when you visit Explore, you'll find quick access to Help ForumsProduct Updates, and Product Suggestions, instead of starting with which product you use. You'll also see a wealth of information and useful resources right on the Explore home page, including quick and easy access to search previous' conversations or ask your question to the proper audience. 

Within the Help Forums, you can access all questions and discussions, or drill down into one of the four subgroups based on what is most relevant for you: 

  • Enterprise & Sell
    • These two used to be separate groups and have been combined into one for ease of access to similar content for SugarClub members. Previously, SugarClub also had groups for additional Sugar add-ons, features, and capabilities. As these integrate so tightly into Sugar, the questions and discussions often overlapped, so it made the most sense to have them all in one group. If you were a member of the Sugar Sell (or Sugar Connect, SugarMobile, etc.) group previously, please re-join the Enterprise & Sell group. 
  • Sugar Market
  • Sugar Serve
  • SugarCloud Platform
    • Find all of the resources you need as a SugarCloud customer (or SugarCloud Migration Resources if you want to take advantage of our hosting options!). If you have questions about SugarIdentity, SugarCloud Insights, or Sugar's security measures, this is your group. 

The Product Updates group gives you access to find out details about new Sugar releases. Choose the products you're most interested in, or join the group to automatically subscribe to all Product Update blogs at once.

The Product Suggestions group has been created to combine all of the different product suggesions from the SugarClub community from across the Explore group. This gives Club members one location to vote on these ideas created by other members of the community on functionality desired to improve the whole Sugar platform. 

The team here at Sugar shares Quick Tips when we (as Sugar users ourselves) come across something useful that might help others. Previously, you'd need to check back periodically or watch the SugarClub homepage for updates when new tips were published. With this update, we've included a way to subscribe to these tips so you can be notified when new tips are published. 

Please take a look around these changes to get acquainted with the new options and join the groups that most interest you. As I mentioned before, please feel free to share any feedback, questions, or suggestions (which you can also add to Product Suggestions!) as a comment on this post. You can also send me a private message, or email our team at

To keep informed of additional changes and updates to SugarClub, please make sure the "Turn Blog Notifications Off/On" and "Turn Comment Notifications Off/On" buttons on this post are both set to ON.